Here’s what’s happening in and around the Encouragement Is Key (EIK) network:


The women’s Publication, Jubilee News, delayed the launch of it’s 12th Edition.  The new launch date is set for Saturday, August at 4 p.m. (EST).

When the 12th Edition is launched, it will mark the completion of Volume 1.  View “The Publishing Schedule, Updated” by clicking:

On Friday coming, August 11th at 6 p.m, (EST) James will begin his marketing campaign for his books Broke:The Brutality of paycheck to paycheck living and of The Daddy Pages. The first wave of the campaign will consist of book sales via the electronic format followed by paperback sales. (Updated 8.6.2017)

Previously Reported…

The women’s newsletter, Jubilee News, reached a significant milestone on Aug. 2nd when it received it’s 10,000th page view.

James is engaged in another round of talks with key leaders in a Baltimore City Public School to launch another book project.  Details to follow.

James book BROKE: The brutality of paycheck to paycheck living will be re-released in just a few days.  With the climate charged about discussion on healthcare and the associated costs, this story is destined to make a huge impact. (Updated 8.3.2017)

The 11th Edition of Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication was launched on July 16th after a short delay.  The online Publication now boasts a new location (a WordPress site), a new Edition as well as a brand new overall look.  Most importantly, the Publication gets to showcase the extraordinary talents of it’s author-artist Team yet again.  Visit the Publication at to see for yourself. (Updated 7.16.2017)

Sunday, July 16th also marked the sunset of Jubilee News’ use of it’s old website.  No more updates will be made to and/or offered from the old site.  In an undetermined amount of time, the old will be deleted.  In the meantime, please feel free to visit us on our new site: for all things Jubilee News related. (Updated 7.16.2017)

In addition to work James has done with his book, The Daddy Pages, James also updated his book entitled, BROKE, and is planning a re-release for it within the next  30 days.  BROKE is the story of a man-an average Joe-who falls prey to a medical crisis and the ensuing medical bills.  The story centers around who that man functions in everyday life harboring a horrible, dirty secret: he’s broke.  Crafted several years ago, it appears the book is a perfect fit to the times in which we live.  Stay tuned. (Updated 7.14.2017)

The Daddy Pages

  • The agreement has been finalized.  Books-copies of my series The Daddy Pages-are in route to their destination…the hands of students in a Baltimore City Public school.  I am pumped!!! (Update 7/3/2017)

Jubilee News

  • The Publication has received 9,000 plus page views.  A huge milestone of achievement for the Publication and for the Author-artist Team. Congratulations everyone!!! (Updated 7/3/2017).

More Moves

Jubilee Newsletter is next on the “move to a new website” list.  Templates are being reviewed.  Decisions are pending.  An actual move date is TBD.  Stay tuned. (Updated 7/3/2017)

The Daddy Pages

  • Last evening, I got the green light to officially move forward to deliver my series, The Daddy Pages, to a Baltimore City Public School.  Sooooo excited!  Delivery to take place before July 10th. (Updated 6/29/2017)

Jubilee News

  • The newsletter and women’s forum is moving!  That’s right! Following suit with its parent company, Encouragement Is Key, Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication will be moving its cyber headquarters from Blogger to WordPress.  Move date to be determined.  Stay tuned. (Updated 6/29/2017)

Race Reconciliation 

  • On Sunday, James was invited to join a group on race reconciliation.  He can’t wait to get involved.  Deets to follow. (Updated 6/27/2017)

More Expansion?

  • Because of some recent contributions James made as a leader in Christian circles, James is strongly considering creating a whole new branch of EIK to provide teaching support materials for Christian leaders.  James sees this new branch as being a part of EIK but having it’s own website and social media address.  Stay tuned for more on this topic as it develops. (Updated 6/27/2017)

EIK Gets A New Home

Significant progress can be marked in the growth and development of the EIK network.  One such marking is the fact that EIK has outgrown it’s original virtual headquarters and moved here to it’s new cyber home.  True to form, James considered the change of sites much like he did previous expansion opportunities-he fully embraced it and championed the change.  From this site,EIK  hopes to take full advantage of the modern technology to create a fully interactive portal for the persons it serves.  Sunset plans for the original site will be developed and posted at a later date.  In the meantime, enjoy the new digs! (Updated June 22, 2017)

Conference Invitation

Recently, James was invited to be a guest expert panelist for the women’s conference, Catch The Vision, Live Your Dream Conference in September, 2017.  Because of James’ work as Founder & Editor-In-Chief of his women’s newsletter, Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication and for his work with the men’s forum, WHEN MEN SPEAK, James hopes to add value to the discussions on women’s empowerment and on building of solid male-female relationships.  See the “Calendar” page for details.  (Updated 6/25/2017)

Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication

  • The newsletter’s 10th Edition was launched on June 10th as promised
  • The launch has experienced a record number of page views-perhaps one of the largest since the Publication’s founding in 2013
  • This Edition’s theme is Communication
  • Extra! Extra! Read all about it!!! The Publication is please to announce that it now has a reach all the way to England! Columnist Shereen, of the Achibe
  • Network, has joined the Publication’s Team and is featured among the powerful articles available in this Edition of the newsletter. (6/1/2017)

Jubilee News

  • Prep for “the 10th on the 10th” continues!!! Jubilee News, the 10th Edition, will be released on June 10th at 2 pm. Several exciting developments have occurred.
  • Several more author-artists have joined the Team-1 from England and another from Australia!!!
  • Soon, Jubilee News will have an even broader reach.  More details to come. (5/31/2017)

Radio…Again, Maybe?  Other Ventures?

  • Since James’ visit to WBGR, he is considering returning to radio. He is also considering converting his library of 8 books to Audiobook format. Stay tuned for more details on both. (5/27/2017)

Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication

  • Now that the 9th Edition of the newsletter has been released, the attention has turned to the next edition.
  • Stay tuned for the “10th on the 10th” promotion in which James and the talented Team of columnists and artists will combine forces yet again to produce and release the 10th Edition of the Publication on the 10th of June. T
  • he next Edition promises to be even more robust than the last.
  • Also, stay connected as the Publication is soon to celebrate it’s next big milestone-it’s 8,000th page view!!! (5/26/2017)

WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Conference Call

  • James felt compelled to move quickly to try to bring men together to discuss ways of improving their interactions with the women in their lives. WHEN MEN SPEAK, the forum that James founded back in 2010 is a by men, for men forum that identified problems and explores solutions to help strengthen male-female relationships. Join James tomorrow night to offer your input. While this is a men’s forum, women are welcome to join the broadcast. (5/23/2017)

Radio Interview

  • Click: WBGR Interview to view James being interviewed by former Dunbar Poet, Georgetown Hoyer, and pro basketball great, Reggie Williams. The interview was live on 5/22/2017 at 8:30 pm (EDT). (Updated 5/22/2017)

Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication

  • The 9th Edition of Jubilee News was released yesterday and it is chocked full of passion and encouragement by women, for women in their relationships with the men in their lives. Click: to see what all the hype is about. (5/21/2017)

The Daddy Pages

  • James is exploring the possibility of introducing his series, “The Daddy Pages” into classrooms in Baltimore. (4/30/2017)