BLACK In America, The Series

By James W. Falcon Post 1      As a point of clarity, Colin Kaepernick and others are not protesting the National Anthem! They are protesting police brutality and other atrocities and injustices committed against African-Americans and they have chosen to make their stand during the National Anthem. There is a huge difference. A song …


The Land of Negativity

‪Don't buy property, rent office space, book a vacation, a weekend excursion or even take a day trip to the land of negativity. It is much too expensive a venture.‬

Time Travel

Be so hungry about your future that you actually experience bits & pieces of time frames you have yet to live!  Think about it.

Be Human

We often make the mistake of being so many things...everything but human.  Chose to make compassion your composure.

Today AND Tomorrow

A flower can be enjoyed today.  But a germinating flower can be enjoyed for generations to come. In everything you do, maintain a healthy approach.  Consider the consequences of your AND tomorrow.

Turn Signals

Way back when, however long ago it was that you got your Learner's Permit to drive an automobile, you learned about the significance of using your turn signal.  And when you think about it, that lesson has many applications.  You learned that the use of the turn signal is incredibly beneficial to the motorists around …

The Right Season

There are a few ingredients that MUST be present when confirming the right season to take a particular action.  First, a plan must be grounded in truth and connected to a proven principle.  Second, the plan must have potential AND it must be ready to be activated at a moment's notice.  Third and lastly, the …

More On Change

For change to take place in our lives on any level, we MUST define it, declare it, and document it.


Change-real change-only occurs when we either add something or delete something from the equation.  The bottom line, something different must take place.  That "something" requires a lot of courage.  Are you willing to be courageous?