The Encouragement Is Key Network

Encouragement Is Key (EIK) is the hub for all of the encouragement based projects of author, poet, editor-in-chief, and founder, James W. Falcon.  In a nutshell, Encouragement Is Key provides general encouragement to individuals, encouragement to couples, and encouragement to leaders and teams.  Although EIK was officially declared in 2013, it’s roots stretch back several years prior.  In October of 2010, James found himself broken, destitute, depressed, and discouraged. Emotionally, psychologically, and mentally James’ “accounts” were overdrawn.  In the deafening silence of his situation, James could hear the voice of a mentor from 20 years earlier.  That message inspired James.  It motivated James and it encouraged James.  At that time, James decided to make persons suffering in the manner he was suffering, his mission.  And, the ground work for EIK was laid.  That night, James developed the first of his encouragement based, social media supported projects-Cafe Encouragement.  Shortly thereafter, James birthed the second in a string of projects to come-WHEN MEN SPEAK.  As James grew hungrier to help, his encouragement based network, expanded exponentially.  Books were soon added to the network’s repertoire followed by internet radio shows and more.

James was asked when he graduated from high school, what he wanted to do in life and his simple reply was, “I just want to help people.” That statement spawned many others like…

  • the networks tagline: Encouragement! Yup. It’s corny until you need some.
  • and, the statement that James includes in all of his writing and uses to close out all of his live and recorded communications: “whatever you do, however you do it, Get!  Be, and Stay…encouraged.”


The Mission Statement 

~To ENCOURAGE others to overcome the challenges to progress that they face, personally or professionally,

~To EMPOWER others with an understanding & a “how to;” and

~To prepare others to EMBARK on the journey necessary to execute the task or to fully implement the plan needed to improve their conditions.

In short, to help people have healthier mindsets about the possibilities of improving their conditions.


The Founder, James W. Falcon 


James Wayne Falcon was born, raised, and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the product of parents with North & South Carolinian roots. His Mother, Father, and Brother were/are the most influential people in his life. Their indelible impact on him can be seen in all of his work & felt in all of his interactions with people. It is that very same zest for life, love of learning, honor of family, desire to serve humanity, and love affair of story telling that James enjoyed while growing up, James is passing on to his children and grandchildren.

James holds an Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. James is an experienced public speaker, leader, mentor, & coach. Though an Inbound Call Center professional by trade, James has also authored 8 books (3 of poetry), produced and hosted 2 Blog Talk Radio programs, founded and currently serves as Editor-In-Chief of an online news publication-all of which are aspects of the Encouragement Is Key network.

Above all of James’ experience and accomplishments, he is the proud Dad of 4 Daughters, 1 God Daughter, 3 Granddaughters, and 3 Grandsons. It is extremely evident that his relationship with his children and grandchildren have delightfully seasoned his life and serves as the basis for many of the themes of his writing. James W. Falcon is a simple man, with a simple purpose in life: to help people.