James W. Falcon

Welcome to Encouragement Is Key (EIK). Encouragement Is Key is a network of helps unlike any network you have ever seen.  It was founded, expanded, and refined for one very special purpose: you!

Take a moment to browse through the site.  As you go through each of the pages, we are confident that you will be touched by the needs of others in ways like I was back in 2010 when it all began.

Oh, and…uh…by the way, you will quickly discover that change management is a huge front AND back story here at EIK.  This recently developed site is a great example.  We outgrew our cyber headquarters at http://encouragementiskey.blogspot.com/ and moved in here on June 21, 2017.  Our investment’s return will be evident in the increase in efficiency as we take full advantage of the technology available here.  That will also facilitate the momentum of EIK as a whole.

Keep in touch with us to stay abreast of all that we are doing for individuals, for couples, and for leaders & teams.  Also, look for opportunities to partner with us in this process.  Before you leave our page, please visit the K.I.T (keep in touch) page to leave us your information.  Rest assured that your contact information will not be loaned or sold in any way, to vendors for marketing purposes.  Instead, your information will be kept confidential for the express purpose of updating you on matters concerning the EIK network.

Thank you for visiting us.  We eagerly look forward to future opportunities to connect with you.

Whatever you do, however you do it, GET!  Be, and Stay…encouraged!

Thank you.

Yours in the trials and in the triumph,


James W. Falcon

Founder, Encouragement Is Key